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What is
Pop Dogs?

A mobile art installation
to discuss the global issue
of dog over-population
by exploring the global cycle
of craving, consumption
and abandonment.

Where is
Pop Dogs?

The PopDogs project
is based in New York City,
and the installation
will travel to four major cities:
New York, Paris,
Rio de Janeiro,
and Shanghai.

The exhibition will move to five locations where dog overpopulation has caused unique challenges: Paris, Shanghai,Sao Paulo, New York, and Mexico city . The installation will reveal how the same problem can cause five specific dilemmas in these respective places.

As the exhibit travels internationally, local city authorities will be invited to a public forum to discuss the issue and provide information about the resources available for dogs. Pet industry professionals and animal organizations will also be invited to discuss dog overpopulation at acommunity level. The forum will provide insight to the best nutritional programs for dogs and the most important things to do to keep your dog healthy.

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