Follow our dog trail!
Pet overppulation in Sao Paulo should be a concern for all.

What is
Pop Dogs?

A mobile art installation
to discuss the global issue
of dog over-population
by exploring the global cycle
of craving, consumption
and abandonment.

Where is
Pop Dogs?

The PopDogs project
is based in New York City,
and the installation
will travel to four major cities:
New York, Paris,
Rio de Janeiro,
and Shanghai.

Photo by Gxp.com.br

Official statistics do not exist concerning the number of dog that overpopulate the streets of San Paulo, but the problem is prevalent. Especially in the not so nice parts of town. Both stray cats and dogs carry around diseases that are threatening to humans, the most common being rabies. In 2001the problem was so bad that 47 people were attacked every hour according to a study by Brazil's National Health Foundation (Funasa), the Folha de Sao Paulo Internet daily said. So how do we solve this problem? According to statistics, a 70 percent sterilization rate must happen within communities. Meeting this percentage decreases the chances of animal growth in the streets since the chances of an unsterilized female and unsterilized male crossing paths is small.

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