Follow our dog trail!
Dog overpopulation is at a crisis level in
Mexico ‏City.

What is
Pop Dogs?

A mobile art installation
to discuss the global issue
of dog over-population
by exploring the global cycle
of craving, consumption
and abandonment.

Where is
Pop Dogs?

The PopDogs project
is based in New York City,
and the installation
will travel to four major cities:
New York, Paris,
Rio de Janeiro,
and Shanghai.

Photo by The Local News

When it comes to stray dogs in Mexico City, citizens have a love hate relationship. Due to the high volume of stray dogs roaming the streets, citizens are being attacked by the capital's poor Iztapalapa district. Although these attacks are happening people are still sympathetic towards the wandering dogs. Activists started an online campaign to fight against euthanizing them. According to the Associated Press, tens and thousands of dogs are euthanized each year if they are captured within a 72 hour period. Dogs attack in packs creating a he threat to humans and also a concern to the police. Currently the government plans to launch a neutering and spraying program to curb the dog problem; sending 25 mobile units around the city.

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