Companions To None

companions to none

Posted October 10, 2011  /   By wolf  /  0 Comments Over three years in the making and filmed on-location throughout Mexico and in selected areas in the U.S. and Rome, Italy, COMPANIONS TO NONE examines the companion animal overpopulation and abuse crisis in Mexico. One Mexican veterinarian claims, “In some areas of Mexico, dogs outnumber humans. That’s a helluva lot of dogs.” COMPANIONS …

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Dog meat & fur trade


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The trade in dog meat is often thought to be something which is unique to Countries such as South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines.   However, this trade is spread across various Countries, even within Eastern Europe, and even Canada currently imports dog fur, to be used as trims on clothing and other accessories…   …

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Adorable Dogs Find Homes in Venezuela by VenWorld


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Save Colorado Pets

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Colorado-8mb.mp4 Help prevent unwanted pet births by donating on your income tax form to the Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund.

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