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What is
Pop Dogs?

A mobile art installation
to discuss the global issue
of dog over-population
by exploring the global cycle
of craving, consumption
and abandonment.

Where is
Pop Dogs?

The PopDogs project
is based in New York City,
and the installation
will travel to four major cities:
New York, Paris,
Rio de Janeiro,
and Shanghai.

Est. Pet Dog Population

United States has the largest pet dog population, followed by Brazil and China

1. USA 61.080.000 6. South Africa 9.100.000
2. Brazil 30.051.000 7. France 8.150.000
3 .China 22.908.000 8 .Italy 7.600.000
4. Japan 9.650.000 9. Poland 7.520.000
5. Russia 9.6000.000 10. Thailand 6.900.000

New York City department of Park & Recreation

Interview Adrian Benepe - Commissioner (2:30 min)

Dog Breeder

Interview Mattolini (4:39 min)


Interview Pablo Re - dogcatcher Sao Paulo (2:15 min)

Off lish Association ShangHai

Interview Pihon ching - President (2:30 min)

Adopt your Pop Dog

Are you responsible enough to get a real dog. Do you know what it will need? Thankfully, Pop Dogs for iPhone are super easy to care for-- it's like Tamagotchis but in dog form!

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